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Inside Cover & First Page

Last Page & Inside Back Cover

The evolution of the Exercise Book

100% bespoke Geography exercise book for Da Vinci!

What makes it different?

All our books are bespoke, continue reading to learn what Da Vinci requested in their Geography exercise book.


Da Vinci Geography Inner Pages

Unlike traditional exercise books we allow you to tailor every aspect of the inner pages to your requirements as Da Vinci have done with this Geography exercise book. Because we print every page unique to you we can create multiple designs of inner pages and alternate between them at a frequency to suit.

Combining marking methodology in headers and footers along with your preferred style of lines or grids allows your book to be truly unique, page numbers throughout can deter pages from being torn out whilst greatly improving book navigation.

Geography : Front Cover

A bespoke exercise book cover can contain as much or as little information as you prefer to create the optimum impact before even opening the book.

Include your logo, school motto, subject information and areas for pupils to enter their name and other details.

Our wide range of manilla covers are available or choose a premium matt or gloss cover in any colour/design you like.

Don't forget you can even add a sponsors logo to offset the cost of producing your exercise books.

Geography : Inside Cover

The inside front cover is an optimal place to detail Guidelines, or useful information specific to the subject.

As every page in our exercise books is unique, the first page of your exercise book can include assessment information, subject specific hint sheets or anything else.

Don't feel constrained to just the first page for something different, we can create any number of introductory pages with information before the inner pages start.

Remember, we can create any content to your requirements so don't hold back.

Geography : Inside Back

The final pages are ideal for summary and reference material.

We have a wide range of pre-existing designs for each subject however we are able to create specific content to your requirements.

Again we are able to create multiple back pages after the inner pages to allow as many pieces of information as you deem necessary.

If you have any special requirements, or would like to know if something is possible please let us know.

Geography : Back Cover

The back cover can be minimal but is also a great opportunity to provide additional information.

Another use is to provide useful hints & tips for your pupils to refer to during classes.

If you have chosen a premium cover either matt or gloss then the colour of the back cover need not be the same as the front if you prefer.

You can also include a sponsors logo on the back cover rather than the front cover if you prefer.


Our bespoke Geography exercise books allow your school to achieve marking consistency within a single subject or across all.


Utilising the customisable feedback sections throughout the Geography exercise book pupils are able to improve at a greater rate.


On average teachers are able to reduce the time involved in marking by 30% whilst increasing the levels of pupil feedback.

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